Professional Athlete
Fitness Event

Activate, Educate, Motivate!

This is a hugely exciting and engaging event which involves the whole school, children and staff! Fit 4 Future team up with some of the country’s top Professional Athletes to come into schools to encourage leading an active and healthy lifestyle!
Participants are put through their paces as they endure a full body circuit comprising of different stations; each representing a different part of the body. There will be support of other classes cheering on those who are active and the upbeat popular music playing in the background!
This exciting circuit is then followed up by a special inspirational assembly by the Professional Athlete, including a story of their journey, a skill show with athlete and pupils and a Q&A session. A hugely inspirational, engaging and fun event!
The event doesn’t cost the school anything. They are designed to help schools raise money to support greater physical activity and well-being for children. The events are based on a donation / sponsorship initiative.
From the grand total raised, the money is split 60/40. 40% goes to the school to spend on new sports equipment or on a programme to improve physical activity and well-being. 60% goes to the Fit 4 Future Charity to cover the base cost of running the scheme and to help fund the scheme and other work we do in schools.
If you’re interested in the Professional athlete fitness event, please fill in the details below and a member of our team will get back to you.
Professional Gymnast and Team GB representative, Steve Frew giving a talk in a special assembly.
Fit 4 Future Foundation Professional Athlete Fitness Event Sponsorship forms and promotional posters.
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