WEX Placements

Work Experience:

We offer WEX (Work Experience) placements here at Fit 4 Future Foundation, designed for Post 16 (16 – 18 years old).
We have a very engaging and insightful WEX Programme where students will work daily with children (4 ½ – 11 years old) at our School Holiday Activities Camp.
This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a career in which works closely with children.
This placement will also provide the students with:
  • Assistance in their transition from school to work
  • An insight into the diversity of employees in the workplace
  • Preparation for the demand and expectations of the working world
  • Making informed career decisions by assessing their aptitudes and interests
  • Improving their maturity, confidence, and self-reliance
  • Provision of a link between school and local community
  • Provision of appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes concerning both paid and unpaid work
A level students from Lambeth Academy and Langley Park School for Girls during the Fit 4 Future Foundation School Holiday Activities Camp
If you are a student or a school representative and are interested in finding out more about the application process for our WEX Placement, please fill in the details below and we can send you a WEX Application Form or relevantly contact you.
BTEC students from Lambeth Academy during the Fit 4 Future Foundation School Holiday Activities Camp at All Saints Primary School
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